Abhinav Kumar

Dr. Abhinav Kumar

“PROMYS is an amazing mathematical experience, not only from the perspective of introducing new mathematics, ideas and thinking to inquisitive and creative minds. It is also, and perhaps more importantly, an arena for students and teachers with a common passion for math to meet and forge long-lasting friendships and connections. Personally, I was involved first with PROMYS as a counselor after my freshman year in college. I was lucky to meet several young mathematicians there whom I would reconnect with later in college, graduate school, and in my professional mathematical career (one of them became a long-term collaborator on several mathematical projects).

I am pleased to see that over the years, PROMYS has expanded in scope and in geographical reach. Now that the program is starting in India, I hope many students and teachers avail of this outstanding opportunity to bring the delight of doing and creating mathematics to the enormous pool of talent there.”

Abhinav Kumar, PROMYS Counselor 1999
Dr. Kumar’s background includes Gold and Silver IMO medals for India, IIT JEE Topper 1998, Associate Professorship at MIT, and his current work as a mathematician in industry.