Student Testimonials

"PROMYS India has had an immense impact on me. It has helped me find a great sense of belonging and has helped me grow into a better mathematician and human amongst some of the most brilliant minds." Shivani AC, PROMYS India 2023

"I just love the inclusion PROMYS India brings, with people from all over the country sharing their mathematical experiences and their unique ways to approach a problem."
"I spent much more time on math and the problem sets than I thought I would've. It was however very fun and surprising to realize so much time passed by so quickly."
"The Number Theory problem sets were not only hard but also beautiful. It was so amazing spending a long time and getting the answer. I used to work with my group... I felt well supported this summer."
"PROMYS India is really a very great programme in mathematics for someone interested in exploring and learning number theory in a new way."
"PROMYS India changed my perception of what maths is. I realised that the subject had always been defined for me by my school, teachers and everyone. Finally, at PROMYS, I got my own definition of Mathematics. I understood that it's not just about learning how to solve a problem but trying to understand a topic and how all encompassing that 'understanding' is supposed to be."
"I learnt some of the most advanced mathematical topics from some of the most prestigious professors at such an young age. It motivated and encouraged me to do more advanced mathematics... I was able to attend PROMYS India because it was free and my parents could not bear the cost of the whole camp, so I also thank the persons who funded the camp to make it free, and thanks to them I could travel in plane for the first time in my life."
"The problems were just so exciting, even while sleeping the last thing on the mind would be the problem set!"
"PROMYS India exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I had the time of my life, and I look forward to solving more problems in the future."
"I felt I belonged here. The joy of solving, making conjectures and coming up with counter example was another pleasure. I learned so much, not just from classes and psets, but also from the students and counsellors. The faculty at IISc were super friendly and the campus is a dream come true."
"PROMYS India is like a wonderland of mathematics...I also had a great time on sharing my thoughts with my peers, asking questions..(which indeed were never answered but what I got back was 100 more questions !! which in turn helped me not to depend on someone and find the way on my own in math, in life!)"
"The Number Theory problems were mind blowing."
"I learnt the most beautiful way to do mathematics and with good people."

You can read additional testimonials from students and counselors who attended PROMYS at Boston University in the U.S. between 1989 and 2023 HERE on the PROMYS site.