Programme Details for Counsellors

Programme Details for Counsellors

“Every summer at PROMYS is a completely different and enriching experience. And this keeps challenging you, motivating you mathematically, and introducing you to some of the best people around the world interested in mathematics.” Arya Vadnere, Mehta Counsellor at PROMYS 2018–2019, Head Counselor in 2020

We were excited to launch PROMYS India in 2023.

Dates for counsellors: 5 May – 17 June, 2023. Counsellors arrived two days ahead of the students.

Want to learn and share mathematics? Immerse yourself for six summer weeks in a richly talented mathematical community!

Each counsellor will give detailed feedback on the daily Number Theory problem sets of their three or four assigned students. Equally importantly, counsellors will be available to all students as questions arise. In addition, counsellors supervise the first-year exploration labs and returning student research projects.

Counsellors also give feedback to returning students taking advanced seminars and are strongly encouraged to give minicourses and to participate in counsellor seminars. Like everyone else at PROMYS India, the counsellors are expected to immerse themselves in mathematics. We rely on counsellors to create an intense atmosphere of interaction crossing and bridging many levels of mathematical experience. Please visit the Counsellor FAQ page for more information about the role of counsellors at PROMYS India.

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Counsellors are selected from among the top undergraduate students of mathematics at highly regarded programmes such as (but by no means limited to) IISc, CMI, and ISI.

For the first year of the program, up to 8 counsellors will be recruited from among the alumni of the Mehta Fellowships to PROMYS programme. In subsequent summers, there will be a counsellor application open to all university students studying maths.

Please note that counsellors who are not Indian citizens must have permission to work in India.


PROMYS India is a residential summer programme held at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru. Students and counsellors will be housed near each other in rooms in the men’s and women’s residence halls, eat their meals in a communal campus dining mess, and attend lectures and study in IISc lecture rooms and study spaces.


Counsellors will receive room and board plus a six-week stipend of ₹75,000.

How to Apply

For more information, please visit the Counsellor Application page.