Full Scholarships

Full Scholarships

"I am extremely grateful to the sponsors for giving me this wonderful experience.” Siddharth Sridhar, Mehta Fellow to PROMYS 2017 and 2018

Every student accepted to PROMYS India, for at least the first year of the programme, will be awarded a full scholarship which will cover all participation costs: tuition, housing, meals, approved travel, and any required books.

There are no financial eligibility requirements or income cutoffs for participation in PROMYS India.

These scholarships are thanks to the generosity and vision of the programme's founding sponsors: Nick Nash and Phalgun Raju, Co-founders of Morph.org; and Avi and Sandra Nash of the Indira Foundation – and to funding from the Packard Foundation.

A number of students will be supported by Jay Pullur Fellowships.

It is central to the conception of PROMYS India that the programme remain accessible to students based on their mathematical ability and mathematical interest, not on family finances. PROMYS India is determined that, over the coming years, the cost of participation will continue to be subsidised for all students and that scholarships or financial aid (up to the full cost of participation including travel expenses) will always be available to ensure students can attend regardless of their financial background.

PROMYS India Sponsors

You can visit our Sponsors page to read about the individuals and organisations whose generosity and vision has made it possible for students to participate in PROMYS India at no cost to their families.