Maths Links

Maths Links

“Everyone has their own version of mathematics.” Professor Glenn Stevens

Mathematics Resource Center, Dept of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools (ATM)
- helps researchers and teachers learn advanced mathematics in an enjoyable way.
Ramanujan Mathematical Society - Promotes Mathematics at all levels and mathematical research.
Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) - forums, problems, lectures, information and courses on a wide range of topics and levels (all but the courses are free).
Math StackExchange - Q & A forum for a wide range of mathematics
Wolfram MathWorld - maths encyclopedia - for advanced students
Khan Academy - thousands of short instructional videos
Khan Academy - Indian Math Curriculum - short instructional videos
The Math Forum - wide range of maths resources
National Math Club - U.S. site which provides resources and materials to run a maths club
Planet Math - online encyclopedia
Plus Magazine published by University of Cambridge, UK
Association for Women in Mathematics
NRICH - online mathematical resources and forums in the UK
ArXiv - open access to over 800,000 e-prints in maths and maths-related fields

A Few Maths Competitions

Indian Mathematical Olympiad
Stages of Indian Mathematical Olympiad
Olympiad Training Materials
Regional Mathematical Olympiad (Maharashtra and Goa Region)
NMTC (National Mathematics Talent Contests) - run by Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI)
Rotary Ganit Olympiad - for students in Standards VII - X
Purple Comet! Math Meet - online, international, team competition
International Tournament of Young Mathematicians - international open problem team competition
AoCMM - international online team contest of mathematical modeling

Some Online Mathematics Courses

MIT Open Courseware - MIT course materials online.
Udacity - online courses in maths and science.
Coursera - online courses.