Maths Links

Maths Links

“Everyone has their own version of mathematics.” Professor Glenn Stevens

Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools (ATM)
- helps researchers and teachers learn advanced mathematics in an enjoyable way.
Ramanujan Mathematical Society - Promotes Mathematics at all levels and mathematical research.
Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) - forums, problems, lectures, information and courses on a wide range of topics and levels (all but the courses are free).
Math StackExchange - Q & A forum for a wide range of mathematics
Wolfram MathWorld - maths encyclopedia - for advanced students
Khan Academy - thousands of short instructional videos
Khan Academy - Indian Math Curriculum - short instructional videos
The Math Forum - wide range of maths resources
National Math Club - U.S. site which provides resources and materials to run a maths club
Planet Math - online encyclopedia
Plus Magazine published by University of Cambridge, UK
Association for Women in Mathematics
NRICH - online mathematical resources and forums in the UK
ArXiv - open access to over 800,000 e-prints in maths and maths-related fields

A Few Maths Competitions

Indian Mathematical Olympiad
Stages of Indian Mathematical Olympiad
Olympiad Training Materials
NMTC (National Mathematics Talent Contests) - run by Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI)
Purple Comet! Math Meet - online, international, team competition
International Tournament of Young Mathematicians - international open problem team competition

Some Online Mathematics Courses

MIT Open Courseware - MIT course materials online.
Udacity - online courses in maths and science.
Coursera - online courses.